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CONTEXTILE 2018: 4th Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art

September 1st to October 20th, 2018 in i Palacio Vila flor, Avenida Dom Afonso Henriques, 701, Guimaráes i Portugal

*Dorthe Herup *Aud Bækkelund *Helle Mellemstrand *Kari Hjertholmparticipate from Norway.



The team of Contextile 2018 congratulates and thanks the 630 artists (from 62 countries) proposing around 840 works for the competition for the International Exhibition, making a difficult task to the jury, due to the quantity and general quality of the artworks.

Contextile 2018 invited a multidisciplinary jury, composed by Lala de Dios, curator and president of ETN; Magda Sobo, artist and teacher; Paulo Leocádio, director of ESAG and teacher; Fernando Penteado, artist and curator; Cláudia Melo, artistic diretor of Contextile 2018, who met in the past 23 and 24 March at PAC (Platform of Arts and Creativity) in Guimarães, Portugal.

The jury at the meeting and by consensus, selected 59 works by 52 artists from 26 countries – Portugal, several European countries, Northern and Southern America countries, Asian countries and South Africa – from the basic criteria of the terms and conditions: high creativity, originality and expertise around the textile element, construction, theme, concept or material used. And also considerated the thematic concept: (In)Organic.
The Acquisition Prize and honorable mentions will be assigned in the Opening of the Biennial, on the September 1st, in Guimarães / Portugal.

Thank you all. Welcome to Guimarães, Territory of Textile Culture.

Selected Artists:
Alexandra Ruiz
Aleksandra Richert
Alexandra Knie
Ana Rita Albuquerque
Anaïs Duplan
Andres Royet
Ane Henriksen
Anne Moreno
Aram Lee
Asuka Miyata
Asuncion Espada
Aud Bækkelund
Baiba Osite
Billy Black
Carolina Sales Teixeira
Caroline Schofield
Claire Barber
Concha Romeu
Creuzas e Jaquelines
Daniela Bergschneider
Darwin Fuentes
Dorthe Herup
Elisabeth Brandt
Erica Hess
Fátima Teles
Fiona Kirkwood
Giorgia Volpe
Greta Kardiši?t?
Guoxiang Yuan
Heike Schaefer
Helle Mellemstrand
Hugo Brazão
Ivan Mendoza
Jacobo Alonso
Jennifer Robertson
Jenny Ymker
Joana B C
Kari Hjertholm
Krista Leesi
Kyeong Hwa Choi
Laura Tabakman
Leni van Lopik
Magdalena Kleszy?ska
Ma?gorzata Górska-Ogórek
Manuel Alves Dias
Margherita Isola
Maria Luísa Ferreira
Olivia Babel
Supawinee Charungkiattikul
Tamar Chabashvili
Verónica Vicente
W?odzimierz Cygan