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036 - et skråblikk på bunadtradisjonen. Maihaugen, Lillehammer.

With the project 036 Fanny Sophie Gjestland wishes to comment on the problematic relationship many Norwegian women have to their national costume.
Fanny Sophie Gjestland shows the majority of the works in the exhibition, she has however invited a group of artists to further reflect on the theme , among them Brita Been (tapestry)

April 24th - October 9th 2016

Maihaugen, Lillehammer

Fanny Sophie Gjestland

Siri Berrefjord (jewellery)

Marianne Moe (texstile/object)

Sigurd Bronger (jewellery)

Konrad Mehus (jewellery)

Nina Maria Kleivan (photo)

Lars Sture (jewellery)

Brita Been (textile)

Kari Skoe Fredriksen (porcelain/ceramics)

Solveig Grotmol (ceramics)