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CONTEXTILE 2014: Contemporary Textile Art Biennial.

26 July - 11 October 2014

The exhibition takes place at :
Casa de Memória
Avenida Conde Margaride, Guimaraes, Portugal.

Ann Naustdal participates in the exhibition.

CONTEXTILE 2014: Contemporary Textile Art Biennial.

After the success of the Contextile’s 1st edition, during Guimarães — European Capital of Culture, in 2012, the team of Ideias Emergentes | CONTEXTILE decided to assure the event continuity and move forward to the 2nd edition — CONTEXTILE 2014 – CONTEMPORARY TEXTIL ART BIENNIAL — that takes place from the July 26 to the October 11 at Guimarães city (Portugal).

CONTEXTILE’s first aim is the reflection on the importance of contemporary textile art in its diverse forms of expression and artistic representations and on its role as instrument of interaction and cooperation between territories, people, communities, economies, cultures, societies, sectorial and international networks.

This 2nd edition centers CONTEXTILE’S 1st mission: to provide visibility to textile art and, in a narrow connection with the textile tradition territories, to promote the interaction between artists, creators, industry, community and the city of Guimarães, as a contribution to the strengthening of the economy through innovation’s promotion, creativity and the regional and national textile identity appreciation.

CONTEXTILE pursues the following strategic objectives:
. To mobilize and stimulate artists to an innovative and experimental approach on visual arts;
. To assume itself as a creative platform and also as a platform for the debate of ideas and projects;
. To develop international networks for the exchange of good interdisciplinary practices, both artistic and academical;
. To contribute actively for the development of joined dynamics that gather the big axis of textile economical activity and creativity, raising the prestige and innovation of the textile sector.

At CONTEXTILE 2014 it has been decided to reinforce our conceptual and artistic matrix – to place textile into a different context, contemporary art – without restricting this edition to any specific theme orientation.
It is also maintained the same program’s structure of the 1st edition, involving artistic schools, integrating a diversified set of activities and actions focused to different audiences and with complementary goals.

The production of CONTEXTILE 2014 gathers the support of Município de Guimarães, Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte, ATP – Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal, Instituto de Design de Guimarães and Montepio Geral bank institution, among other partners.