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The winner of The Cordis Trust Prize for Tapestry 2015

Ann Naustdal received the Cordis Trust Prize for woven Tapestry 2015 at the private view of the exhibition VAS;T 2015 at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh Friday the 6th of February. Three Norwegians were on the shortlist.

The tapestry "Arid Landscape" will be shown as part of the Visual Arts of Scotland's Annual Exhibition VAS;T 2015 from the 7th - 28th of February at the Royal Academy in Edinburgh, along with the other artists shortlisted for the prize: Anne Jackson, Carmen Groza, Jo McDonald, Kristin Sæterdal, Renata Rozsivalova, Sara Brennan, Unn Sønju and Valerie Kirk.

Extracts from the VAS;T 2015 catalogue:

"The Cordis Prize is a wonderful opportunity for tapestry weavers worldwide. To be awarded in 2015, and two subsequent years, the prize of £ 5000 is for a large tapestry handwoven by a professional artist within the previous five years. Such a prize highlights the long established tradition of tapestry in Scotland and the annual exhibitions  of Visual Arts of Scotland. This, the first submission for the prize, already reflects international interest: nine countries were represented, with 53 works from a total of 33 artists, most of whom have successful careers in tapestry."

Fiona Mathison, artist, lecturer in Intermedia (former Tapestry) Edinburgh College of Art (now retired) and former Artistic Director Edinburgh Tapestry Company.

The Cordis Trust

This trust was established by Ian Rankin and Miranda Harvey. One of its aims is "the advancement of the arts, heritage, culture and science. The Cordis Prize for Tapestry is a means of promoting the art of tapestry weaving, which is a rich part of our heritage in Edinburgh and Scotland.


Information about the exhibition: