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ARTAPESTRY3, Angers, France.

Le musée Jean-Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine d’Angers, France
January 25th - May 18th 2014

Vernissage January 28th at 18:00


From 25 January to 18 May 2014, the Musée Jean-Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine d’Angers is hosting the third edition of Artapestry3, an initiative launched by the European Tapestry Forum (ETF). This not-to-be-missed event in the field of contemporary textile creation offers visitors an unusual perspective by aligning the works of twenty-five textile artists with the collection of the Musée Jean-Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine, which includes work by such artists as Paul Klee, Alexander Calder, Thomas Gleb, and Jean Lurçat.

Twenty five artists from all over Europe – Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Latvia – have been selected by a jury appointed by the European Tapestry Forum (ETF). From this selection, the museums of Angers have chosen twenty five tapestries which will be exhibited as part of this latest edition of Artapestry. The Musée Jean-Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine is offering a new vision by combining these contemporary works with pieces from the museum’s rich collections.

The works of these twenty five artists may therefore be seen alongside creators such as Yves Millicamps, Gracia Cuttuli, Mathieu Matégot, Thomas Gleb, Patrice Hugues, Jean Lurçat, Paul Klee and Alexander Calder whose works form part of the museum’s collection. Included in the exhibition will be some examples of traditional tapestry works whose iconographic repertory has inspired contemporary creation.

The exhibition is structured around nine major themes which reveal and throw light on the comparisons and contrasts between the contemporary pieces that form part of Artapestry 3 and the more traditional ones from the Angers’ collections. Amongst these themes, in the ‘Vitality’ section, the visitor may discover the red sun tapestry by Alexander Calder (1919-1976) alongside the lively motifs of Ariadna Donner’s The wolf crossed the road. In the ‘Object’ section, visitors can admire Temps passé by Pierre Daquin (1936) next to Ivete Vecenáne’s The Bowl.

This rich and varied exhibition allows visitors to enjoy an overview of contemporary textile creation as well as rediscovering the museum’s collections.

Exhibition curator: Françoise de Loisy, curator of the Angers’ City Museums.

List of Artapestry3 artists: Brita Been (Norway) / Annette Bredstrup (Denmark) / Eva Brodská (Czech Republic) / Thomas Cronenberg (Germany) / Ariadna Donner (Finland) / Jane Freear-Wyld (United Kingdom) / Lise Frølund  (Denmark) / Kirsten Glasbrook (United Kingdom) / Carmen Groza (Belgium) / Ane Henriksen (Denmark) / Peter Horn (Germany) / Fiona Hutchison (United Kingdom) / Anne Jackson (United Kingdom) / Aino Kajaniemi (Finland) / Iska van Kempen-Jarnicka (Netherlands) / Katherine Lavocat (France) / Federica Luzzi (Italy) / Ulrikka Mokdad (Denmark) / Ann Naustdal (Norway) / Sarah Perret (France) / Renata Rozsivalová (Czech Republic)/ Unn Sönju (Norway) / Grethe Sørensen (Denmark) / Randi Studsgarth (Denmark) / Iveta Vecenáne (Latvia)

List of artists from the Angers city museums: Magdalena Abakanovicz (1930) / Maurice André (1914-1985) / Huguette Arthur-Bertrand (1920-2005) / Jagoda Buic (1930) / Alexandre Calder (1918-1976) / Pierre Daquin (1936) / Albert Gleizes (1881-1953) / Antoinette Galland (1926-2009) / Thomas Gleb (1912-1991) / Josep Grau-Garriga (1929-2011) / Patrice Hugues (1930) / Paul Klee (1879-1940) / Dany Lartigue (1921) / Jean Lurçat (1892-1966) / Mathieu Matégot (1910-2001) / Yves Millecamps (1930) / Picart Le Doux (1902-1982) / Mario Prassinos (1916-1985) / Raoul Ubac (1910-1985) / Maryn Varbanov (1932-1989) / Victor Vasarely (1908-1997) / Wissa Wassef / Ancient tapestry, 17th century, Brussels.



Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, Denmark

Museum of Central Finland, Jyväskylä , Finland

Kulturcentrum Konsthall, Ronneby, Sweden

Musée Jean Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine, Angers, France

Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Latvia



4, boulevard Arago - 49100 Angers