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ARTAPESTRY3, Riga, Latvia

Museum of Decorative Arts and Design: the Great Hall
Riga, Latvia

7 August - 7 September 2014

Brita Been, Dorthe Herup, Ann Naustdal, Anne Stabell, Kristin Sæterdal og Unn Sønju participate from Norway.

The idea behind the Artapestry3 exhibition is based on the word “tapestry,” focusing attention on artworks which relate to woven tapestries and remind us that this is an area of art and crafts that has an ancient and rich history.  This sector is an important component of European cultural heritage -- one that must be preserved and facilitated in terms of its future development.  Regular exhibitions are held to encourage artists to be active in this area.  The first international tapestry exhibition was opened in Denmark in 2005, then travelling to France and Germany.

The initiator and organiser of the long-time project of international exhibitions is the European Tapestry Forum, which was established in 2001 by several European textile artists.  Their aim has been to popularise the traditions of woven tapestries and the use of this technique in many aspects of contemporary art and the relevant ideological issues.  This helps to restore the traditions of woven tapestries in a new and modern way, ensuring that this is a sustainable and timely medium of art in Europe.

Each Artapestry exhibition involves a strict and competent selection of artworks by an international jury that is always made up of representatives of various areas of art – artists, educators and curators.  Artworks for the Artapestry3 exhibition were selected by the Finnish painter and art critic Hannu Castrén, the British professor Lesley Millar, the Austrian professor and textile artist Margarethe Persson, the sculptress Kirsten Ortwed, who represents both Denmark and Germany, and the French art expert Yves Sabouri.  87 artists submitted 150 artworks, and the jury chose 38 artists and 51 tapestries.  The large exhibition of textile arts will involve artists from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Scotland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, as well as Latvia.  Latvian textile artist Iveta Vecan?ne survived the strict jury selection process, and she will be exhibiting the tapestry “Dish.”

The Artapestry3 exhibition was opened in 2012 at the Silkeborg BAD Cultural Centre in Denmark.  In 2013, it was exhibited at the Central Finland Museum in Hyvaskyla, as well as the Ronneby Cultural Centre in Sweden.  From January until May 2014, it will be displayed at the Musée Jean Lurçat, which is named after the distinguished textile artist of the same name and is located in Angers, France.  The exhibition offers participants an outstanding opportunity to present their artworks to a vast audience of people who are interested in textile art all over Europe.  This year, when R?ga is the European Cultural Capital, Latvians and their guests will have the same opportunity.

Text:  Ruta Rinka and Inese Baranovska